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8171 BISP New Payment Start from 29 September 2023

Aslam Alaikum we welcome you to 8161 official portal, 8171 BISP new payment will start from 29 September 2023. Who will receive this payment You have been surveyed but do not know if you qualify or not. Which people will get new money then I will guide you in today’s article.

So first of all I will tell you this. Those who took the dynamic survey and qualified, will start getting installments from August 15. When will all people who have done dynamic survey start getting money who have done dynamic survey.


8171 BISP New Payment Start

If your dynamic survey has been done, but it must be valid, how do you check if your dynamic survey is done correctly, because then you start receiving payment from 29th September. will Let me also tell you that those whose cards were blocked have been unblocked.

If your card has been unblocked but you haven’t received a new card yet, so send your ID card to 8171 as you have until August 15, but those whose cards are already available, those who have been blocked, will start receiving money. Because there are many people who still have the installment of 9,000.

Now let me tell you how you can check the eligibility properly so that you can get installment on 29th September then proceed with the method. Let me tell you that if you want to do a new registration, first you need to send your ID card to 8171, if you have not done the survey yet, you will get a message from there. That your survey date is where you have to go to your office to get the survey done properly. You can also carry your child’s B-Form with you and you must take the ID card with you.

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Apart from this, you must have your identity card along with the electricity and gas bill for registration. Also you must have your phone number or carry your mobile phone with you if you want to keep it with your phone number. Yes you have given all the information correctly so that you can properly qualify for the eligibility.

Now how will you check your eligibility so that you can get even on 15th August so what is the procedure? So, to apply online, you have to go to Google, you have to write, you have to look it up, you have to click on it, whatever comes up, you have to click on it. You will see the post, well, first on the 8171 web portal, then you have to click on it. As soon as you click, you will see a website and here you will be presented with 8171 online applications. Click on it. After clicking you will be able to apply online and check your eligibility.


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