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Apply Rashan Subsidy Big NewsApply Rashan Subsidy Big News

Apply Rashan Subsidy Big News:

A new subsidy is being released by the government to all those who have an identity card. The new program will now cover all those with a PMT score of 37 or below. Apply Rashan Subsidy Big News.

The biggest happiness is that under this program, you will now be given a discount on the ration, now the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program will also be a part of this program. But how to apply in this program? You can register in this program and when it starts, we are going to tell you in this article.

Apply Rashan Subsidy Big News:

Benazir Kafalat 9000:

Benazir Income Support Program’s 9000 rupees sponsorship installment and the latest updates of children’s education scholarships will be shared with the people because in this regard the banking system is being introduced by the government.

How long will you get it because they are still being tested. So how long will all the beneficiaries from all over Pakistan benefit from this new program. Let us tell you here that the pilot phase of this banking system by the government will be in seven districts and the bank accounts of all the beneficiaries are being opened there.

And the selection of bank accounts is at the discretion of the beneficiaries. They can open their account in any bank they want provided the condition is that it should be State Bank of Pakistan.

Apply Rashan Subsidy Big News:

So moving on to the next update: Let us tell you that this was addressed while launching the Benazir Income Support Program on behalf of the government, especially the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, to the bank account of all the beneficiaries.

Regarding the program is being updated and upgraded in this way, previously those whose PMT score was 32 or less. Now according to the new update, their PMT score has been increased. Now it is 37 PMT. Those having PMT score can also be a part of this program.

If we tell you in simple words, those who have PMT score 32 or less then they are part of BISP program. They are not part of this program but now a new program has been opened for them. Under this program, monthly ration subsidy will now be provided to them.

Apply Rashan Subsidy Big News
Apply Rashan Subsidy Big News

Apply Rashan Subsidy Big News:

So people who were not able to be a part of this program before can now get their subsidy by becoming a part of this program. If you don’t know about this program yet, go to your mobile phone and write your ID card on the message and send the message to 5566. Immediately you will get a reply message in which you will receive a message related to the utility store.

You will get a PIN. Go to your nearest utility store with that PIN code and your original ID card. You have to give your utility code and ID card to the store clerk so that he can check if you are eligible or not.  While buying ration there, please indicate to that utility store that we are taking ration under this program.

If the utility store staff is honest, they will give you your subsidy. And so you will continue to receive your subsidy every month.

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