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Big News BISP Payment All Women Must Participate for 10500 Rupees


The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) stands as a pivotal social safety net initiative by the Government of Pakistan, instituted in 2008 under the leadership of the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Notably, it is one of the largest global endeavors of its kind, catering to over 9 million beneficiaries with a monthly stipend of Rs. 7,000 for each qualifying family.

Dynamic Survey Initiative:

In a bid to ensure inclusivity and rectify past discrepancies, the BISP launched a dynamic survey, addressing both individuals previously excluded due to various reasons and those who had been part of the program for three years. The dynamic survey, introduced before 2024, aims to reinstate eligible individuals into the Benazir Kafalat Program, thereby extending financial assistance.

Steps for Eligibility and Enrollment:

1. Dynamic Survey Process:
– Individuals facing disqualification or those who were part of the program for three years can visit their nearest tehsil office with essential documents, including gas or electricity bills for identification.
– For households with children, birth forms are mandatory, while those without children are exempt from this requirement.

2. Mobile Number Registration:
– During the dynamic survey, participants are required to provide a mobile number registered under their name for communication purposes.

3. Verification and Payment:
– Eligible individuals will receive a message on the registered mobile number, signaling qualification.
– Payments can be collected at the designated office, and an online portal facilitates easy tracking of payment status.

Online Registration Process (8171):

For those looking to register online, the following steps are outlined:

1. Visit the BISP Website:
– Navigate to the BISP website and click on the “8171” tab.

2. Enter CNIC Number:
– Input the 13-digit CNIC number along with the verification code displayed.

3. Verification Code:
– Receive a text message with a verification code.

4. Complete Registration:
– Enter the verification code on the website to complete the registration process.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for BISP, individuals must meet specific criteria:

1. Pakistani Citizenship:
– Applicants must be Pakistani citizens.

2. Residency Requirement:
– Residency in Pakistan is a prerequisite.

3. Income Limit:
– Annual household income should not exceed Rs. 12,000.

4. Government Employment:
– Exclusion applies to government employees.

5. Wealthy Family Membership:
– Applicants should not be members of affluent families.

Big News BISP Payment All Women Must Participate for 10500

BISP 8171 Registration via SMS

Benefits of BISP:

Apart from the monthly stipend, BISP offers additional benefits such as:

1. Free Education:
– Children up to the age of 15 receive free education.

2. Free Healthcare:
– Pregnant women and children under 5 benefit from free healthcare.

3. Skills Training:
– Adults can participate in skills training programs.

Checking BISP Status:

To ascertain BISP status, follow these steps:

1. Visit BISP Website:
– Go to the official BISP website.

2. Check Status Tab:
– Click on the “Check Status” tab.

3. Enter CNIC Number:
– Input the 13-digit CNIC number and the displayed code.

4. View Status:
– Click on “Check Status” to access your BISP status.

Big News BISP Payment All Women Must Participate for 10500


The Benazir Income Support Programme remains a vital instrument in addressing financial disparities in Pakistan. The dynamic survey and online registration processes aim to ensure broader inclusivity, empowering eligible individuals to access essential financial support and additional benefits.