Thu. Apr 11th, 2024

BIG UPDATE: BISP 8171 Program New Portal Verification

Discover the latest updates on the BISP 8171 New Portal Verification for Ehsaas program registration in 2024. Families still encountering issues with their registration will find valuable information in this professional article. Learn about the newly introduced registration process, installment details, and how to navigate the BISP program seamlessly.

8171 Web Portal Online Registration

In the 2024 survey, registering online via the 8171 web portal is a straightforward and reliable method. For those in the Digital Optical category, immediate verification is possible through this portal. Families facing registration challenges can resolve them during this survey, ensuring a smoother process.

1. Visit the Official Website of 8171:
Access the designated website and complete the registration form.

2. Enter Your Details:
Input your ID card number and the provided captcha code.

3. Submit Your Application:
Click the submit button to initiate the process.

4. Receive Confirmation:
You’ll receive an immediate confirmation reply, signaling the commencement of your registration process if eligible.

How to Get Now Installment 2024

In the 2024 survey, the disbursement of new installments has commenced. Those already registered with the BISP program can expect the 2024 installment to be transferred to their accounts soon.

1. Complete Registration:
If not registered yet, complete your registration promptly to receive the 2024 installment.

2. Money Transfer Process:
Stay informed about the money transfer process, ensuring a seamless receipt of funds.

New Portal Verification Method

Explore two convenient methods for verification:

1. SMS Verification:
Send your ID card number to 8171 to receive an immediate confirmation reply.

2. Online Portal Registration:
Visit the official BISP program website, fill out the registration form, and submit for an instant response on your eligibility.

Latest Update BISP 8171 Program

Stay informed with the latest BISP program updates:

1. Pre-Registration Installments:
Families that pre-register can now access their installments.

2. Urgent Registration Call:
Eligible families yet to register are encouraged to do so promptly to benefit from the BISP program.

BISP Project Apply Online




In conclusion, it is recommended to update your data with Nadra to address any registration challenges. The BISP program serves as a beacon of hope for financially struggling families. Ensure a worry-free financial future by completing the verification process promptly and accessing the support offered by the BISP program.