Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

BIG UPDATE: BISP Introduces New Payment System Starting February 2024


The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), a cornerstone of Pakistan’s social safety net, has announced a significant update set to roll out in February 2024. This program, initiated in July 2008 by the government of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), has been a vital source of cash assistance for impoverished families across the nation. Named in honor of the late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the program has undergone several enhancements over the years to better serve its beneficiaries.


BISP operates as a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program, requiring recipients to fulfill certain conditions to receive financial aid. However, recent challenges, including the closure of ATMs under the previous government, have caused distress among beneficiaries.

Restoration of ATM Services:

In a much-awaited development, BISP has announced the restoration of ATM services, specifically targeting HBL ATM and Bank Al Falah ATM, scheduled to commence on February 10. This restoration aims to streamline the disbursement process, allowing beneficiaries to access their installments conveniently.

Dynamic Survey Clarification:

Amid concerns regarding the necessity of conducting a dynamic survey, BISP has provided clarity. Recipients can ascertain the need for a survey by checking a note issued after inserting their card. If prompted, individuals must undergo the survey at the nearest Benazir program center. However, if the survey has been completed within the past month, a revisit is unnecessary, as indicated in the note.

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New Payment Commencement:

With ATM services set to resume, beneficiaries can expect the distribution of new installments to commence around February 15 or 20. This timeline brings relief to many who have been eagerly awaiting financial assistance.

8171 Online Registration:

BISP’s 8171 online registration initiative offers a seamless avenue for eligible families to apply for assistance. Key documents required for registration include identification cards, income receipts for the past three years, proof of residence, and proof of land ownership if applicable. The registration period extends until March 31, 2024, with results slated for release on April 15, 2024.

Benefits of Online Registration:

The online registration process offers numerous benefits, including the ability to check eligibility from the comfort of one’s home, saving time, and ensuring accurate application submission.

Guidelines and Assistance:

Applicants are urged to carefully review instructions on the BISP website and ensure accurate data entry before submission. For assistance, individuals can refer to the “Help” section on the BISP website or contact their nearest District Monitoring Officer (DMO).


The upcoming changes in BISP mark a significant step towards enhancing the delivery of financial aid to those in need. By leveraging technological advancements and streamlining processes, BISP continues to uphold its commitment to socio-economic empowerment. As beneficiaries await the implementation of these updates, there is renewed hope for a brighter future for vulnerable communities across Pakistan.