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BISP 5566 Utility Store September Relief Package

BISP 5566 Utility Store September Relief Package, Today we will talk about the relief package given to the people registered in the Benazir Income Support Programme BISP at the utility store by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

So first let’s talk about what’s in this package and when it’s starting, then this package will be given to you above utility stores and it’s starting from today. And what you will find cheap in it is flour, flour which is 100 rupees. If you take five k/g of sugar, you will get one hundred rupees per k/g. You can even have five of them.

Now the real thing is that who are eligible in it? So it is written below that the families registered under the Benazir Income Support Programme whose PMT score is 40. So all those families will be eligible for this subsidy or discount.


BISP 5566 Utility Store Relief Package

How do you check your PMT score? Because the PMT score, when you take a survey within the Benazir Income Support Program, it creates a score for you, a number based on how much money you get. See you. And through the same number you will get this hospitality store discount from there. Also, if you want to get subsidy, the one who is going to get subsidy or who is going to get assistance, has to show his original identity card.

If your name is not in the survey i.e. if you have never taken a survey in the Benazir Income Support Program then you must take the survey because your PMT score will not be meaningful until you take the survey. If you do this, your PMT score will become what you have. Also to make PMT score, because survey is necessary, Benazir Income Support Program at different utility stores. There are teams, sitting right there on top of the utility store. If you haven’t been surveyed, it never happened. If you go, you will get your PMT score after two to four days.

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How do you check your score so to check PMT score you have to come to internet you have to write usc ie utility store corporation i have found this link for utility store corporation then you have to go to this has to be clicked on, then the scheme running in front of you, means From today it will be displayed in front of you, it will be displayed on the top right side, there are three lines on the top right side, these three lines have to be done and this list will open in front of you, click on PMT score within the list.

Check PMT Score

Now you have to write ID card inside that PMT score for example I write this card and they call and search for this card, now they are saying this card has no PMT score. Is. It will come up for people who have never taken a survey before, if you have taken a survey it will say you are for it and next to that it will say you can buy whatever you want.

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