Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
BISP Double Payment Of 9000 Update

BISP Double Payment Of 9000

BISP has introduced a new initiative called Double Payment, wherein eligible families will receive two payments in a single month. If you have received an SMS notification through 8171, it is essential to visit your nearest tehsil promptly. Once there, you will need to undergo a survey to reconfirm your eligibility for the program. Failure to complete the survey will result in permanent disqualification from receiving any future payments from BISP. To remain associated with the program, completing the survey is crucial. After successfully completing the survey, you can expect to receive a double installment starting from January 1st.

New Payment Of BISP

The latest updates on Benazir’s program indicate that to secure a double installment in January, it is crucial to expedite the verification of your documents. With only a few days remaining, it is advised to visit your nearest Tehsil Office for daily surveys.

During the survey, ensure you have your original identity card, registered with NADRA, as per the caretaker government’s instructions provided in a meeting. Some individuals are eligible for double installments. If you have received education scholarships through 8171, it is recommended to wait until the holidays conclude before visiting your nearest tehsil office.

Double Payment Of 9000

BISP 9000 Check CNIC

If you have completed the registration process and are awaiting your BISP Introduces Double Payment of 9000, you can easily check the status of your payment online. While some individuals have already received the amount and SMS through 8171, if you haven’t, there’s no need to worry. You can verify your eligibility and check your payment status by entering your National ID card details on the official online portal.

Once you have confirmed your payment status, visit the nearest retailer shop. Before doing so, make sure to input your National Identity Card information into the official portal and click the “Know” button. If you are eligible, proceed to the retailer shop to receive your payment.

How To Register For BISP?

If you are new to this program and you want to benefit from this program but don’t know how to register then you are at the right place here you will be told the easy way to register follow these steps for registration

  • First, find your nearest tehsil office
  • Once there, do your dynamic survey
  • The purpose of the survey is to distribute the payment in a transparent manner
  • The survey determines whether you need assistance
  • Your data is collected in surveys
  • In which your monthly salary is asked
  • And the list of your family members is also seen
  • After that the registration process is complete
  • Then you just have to wait for the message of 8171
  • This message informs you about your eligibility