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BISP Nashonuma Program Registration August Latest Update

The Benazir Income Support Programme BISP Nashonuma Program Registration, which was initially launched on a small scale in the districts of Sindh, has now been expanded to include the entirety of Pakistan. So that a suitable approach may be used to manage the Nashonuma of all mothers who are giving birth to children.

Free medical facilities and medications are given to new mothers. At the Nashonuma Center, individuals can receive any type of medication they require, as well as food support. In addition to this, children are given the supplies they require for the first thousand days after birth, such as medications and injections.


BISP Nashonuma Program Registration

Registration is now open for the Benazir Nashonuma Programme. At 478 centers, services are offered around-the-clock. You can go there and take advantage of the Benazir Nashonuma program’s facilities, including those for food, medicine, and other needs.

In addition, the initiative has been extended to 157 districts across Pakistan and is now concentrating on the health of both mothers and children.

Women who lack financial stability and their families are also unable to cover their expenses. and are unable to live by the fundamentals of health. In order to improve their health, this initiative has been launched.


BISP Nashonuma Program Installment

  • The newborn boy will receive Rs. 2000 in cash.
  • Additionally, a girl kid would receive Rs. 2500 per month to help with medical expenses.

Benazir Income Support Programme new payment 9000 has arrived

BISP Nashonuma Program Latest New Updates

in order to protect both the mother’s and the child’s health. Shazia Marri, the Federal Minister and Minister for Poverty and Social Security, paid a visit to the Benazir Nishunma along with officials from the World Bank and the World Food Program.

At the Nishunam Program’s Jam Nawaz Ali Rural Health Center, a center was created. They also had their health and nutrition facilities assessed, and everyone who saw them expressed trust that the mothers’ and children’s health was being cared for there and that the best food was being given to them.


The BISP Nashonuma Program’s purpose

In Pakistan, malnourished kids are being found. Pakistan is the nation in the region with the second-highest maternal and kids burden, according to the Crisis Malnutrition Ranking. A child’s first thousand days of being offer the chance to build a solid foundation for success.

In an effort to address the prevention of stunting of these children under the program, the Benazir Income Support Program has devised a conditional cash transfer intervention for its women beneficiaries to access. With the goal to provide them with assistance through the development program.

Benazir Nashonuma Program Online Registration

The goal of this program is to eliminate anemia and micronutrient deficiencies during pregnancy, prevent stunting in infants under the age of two, improve maternal weight growth, and avoid stunting in young children. Low birth weight can be avoided with improved maternal and early childhood health, better dietary knowledge, achievable health, and a decrease in the burden of diseases.

Visit the bisp Nashonuma center to register if the BISP Nashonuma Program Online Registration has not yet begun.

The program has been increased up and continues to be successful. so that this program can assist all Pakistani women and that they can access basic healthcare. The government has not released any apps, To register, go to the BISP Nashonuma Program office or center.

Online Registration

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