Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Breaking News 8171 Portal 2 Changes BISPll 9000 via ATM 8171 Portal 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) stands as a vital government initiative in Pakistan, dedicated to offering financial aid to vulnerable and low-income households. Through cash transfers, it aims to alleviate poverty and enhance living standards.

Weekend Operations

In response to queries about weekend accessibility, BISP has issued clarifications. While Saturdays witness continued operation of BISP centers, Sundays remain non-operational, aligning with the traditional closure of government offices and services on weekends.

Weekend Availability Explained

The recent notification from BISP confirms the availability of services on Saturdays for beneficiaries to receive their Benazir Kafalat program installment. However, Sundays mark a closure of payment centers, necessitating beneficiaries to plan their visits accordingly.

Message Service

Concerns regarding the message service (8171) have surfaced among beneficiaries, with some reporting non-receipt of payment messages. It’s imperative to understand that the message service does not directly impact payment release. Permanent beneficiaries need not await messages; however, those registered for the Dynamics Survey or awaiting three months since registration should anticipate updates.

Checking Your Poverty Score

Beneficiaries in the Dynamics Survey or those awaiting three months post-registration must monitor their poverty score online via the web portal. If the score falls below 32, a visit to the nearest BISP office for ID verification and installment collection becomes necessary.

Breaking News 8171 Portal 2 Changes BISPll 9000 via ATM 8171 Portal 2024

Congratulations 8171 Benazir Income Support New Payment 10,500 Rupees

Important Update: Telenor Numbers

A notable update pertains to Telenor users, as messages from 8171 are not being received due to a blockage of the service on Telenor’s network. To stay updated, Telenor users are advised to switch to another network and update their contact details accordingly.

Web Portal Update

The BISP web portal has undergone significant enhancements, now displaying up-to-date records for all beneficiaries. It provides access to eligibility status, Dynamics Survey completion status, and application verification updates.

Increased Payment Amount

An essential change involves the increment of the minimum balance requirement to 9 thousand rupees for installment collection at payment centers. Beneficiaries should take note of this adjustment.


In conclusion, the Benazir Income Support Program remains committed to offering crucial financial aid to those in need. While services are available on Saturdays, Sundays see closure. Beneficiaries encountering message service issues or seeking clarification on eligibility can refer to this article. For further updates, the official web portal of 8171 serves as a reliable resource.

Breaking News 8171 Portal 2 Changes BISPll 9000 via ATM 8171 Portal 2024