Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: Do This Before and After Dynamic Survey

In the realm of economic support for women, understanding the intricacies of the Dynamic Survey is paramount, whether you’re already through the three-year assessment or yet to embark on it. This comprehensive guide aims to furnish essential insights for both groups of women, ensuring a smooth navigation of the Dynamic Survey in 2024 and securing ongoing financial assistance.

The Significance of the Dynamic Survey:

At the outset, the article underscores the critical importance of the Dynamic Survey for women currently benefiting from regular economic aid. Regardless of your survey completion status, the shared insights are applicable to all. The overarching message is clear: staying informed is crucial to avoiding any disruptions in financial support.

Responding to Survey SMS:

Highlighted in the New BISP Update is the vital necessity of promptly responding to SMS messages from SE (presumably Social Empowerment). Women, irrespective of their survey completion status, are advised to heed these messages. The BISP Update underscores that failure to respond may result in disqualification from the program, accompanied by a significant update regarding BISP registration checks by CNIC in 2024.

Steps for Dynamic Survey Registration:

A pivotal aspect covered in the BISP update is the process of registering for the Dynamic Survey. Detailed steps are provided, emphasizing the urgency of completing this task. Notably, the video mentions an extended deadline until June 30, affording women flexibility to complete the process at their convenience.

Checking Registration Status on 8171 Portal:

Post-survey completion, the update guides women on checking their registration status on the 8171 portal. Emphasizing its importance, the speaker notes that even if registered, the portal may only confirm registration without providing additional details.

Verifying Survey Results:

To validate the results of the Dynamic Survey, the BISP suggests checking the woman’s card first. If it indicates registration in the dynamic registry, the subsequent step is to verify the husband’s card or the child’s bay form numbers. The video sheds light on the possible message content, indicating the woman’s continued eligibility for the program.

Eligibility or Disqualification:

The BISP elaborates on the implications of survey results. A positive sign is the confirmation of eligibility with a mention of a verification SMS from 81 Qatar. Conversely, if the card shows registration but lacks an eligibility message, it suggests potential disqualification from the program after one last installment.

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Do This Before and After Dynamic Survey in 2024


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide aims to empower women with the knowledge required to effectively navigate the Dynamic Survey in 2024. Emphasizing the urgency of responding to SMS messages, completing the dynamic survey registration, and verifying survey results are key steps outlined in the video. The provided table outlines eligibility criteria, ensuring clarity on program qualification.

By adhering to these steps and staying well-informed, women can make informed decisions about their economic support. Whether you’ve completed the survey or are yet to do so, this guide aims to equip you with the essential information to secure continued financial assistance. Remember, knowledge is power, and in this context, it’s the key to maximizing economic support.