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You can verify your eligibility by utilizing the Ehsaas Program Registration through NADRA’s 8171 service. The Pakistani Government initiated the NSER (National Socio-Economic Registry) to facilitate the development of the National Economic Corridor. This registry compiled data from numerous underprivileged families, aiming to provide assistance when required.

Consequently, individuals entering the Ehsaas program receive pertinent information aided by the NACR (National Automated Cash Register). In 2010, data from over 27 million impoverished Pakistani families was amassed, leading to financial support being extended through the Ehsaas program.


\Ehsaas Program Registration 8171 NADRA 2023

It seems like you’re asking about NSER (National Socio-Economic Registry) and its role as a platform for social security programs, including BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) and other programs. NSER is a database used by governments and organizations to identify and assist individuals in need of social support. BISP, for example, utilizes NSER data to target and provide financial assistance to vulnerable and low-income families.

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You also have the option to apply online by sending an SMS to 8070. The BISP website made a shift away from the NSER design in 2016, leading to an enhancement in the registration data to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the BISP program. Those looking to enroll in the Ehsaas program are utilizing their registry through Nadra 8171.

Ehsaas Program Registration 8171 NADRA 2023

You can conveniently verify your registration status for the Ehsaas program online. Simply visit the official Ehsaas program website to initiate the process.

Upon accessing the website, you’ll encounter a form that requires your participation. In this form, kindly provide your CNIC number along with a recent photograph of yourself. This step will enable you to ascertain your enrollment within the Ehsaas program.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will receive a notification regarding your eligibility for registration in the Ehsaas program. If, for any reason, you do not receive the registration notification from Ehsaas, you have the option to visit your nearest office for assistance.

Additionally, you can conveniently check your Ehsaas program registration status online. This online option can significantly minimize the effort you need to put in.

Ehsaas Program Registration 8171 NADRA 2023


Ehsaas Program Registration – Empowering Lives Through Financial Assistance

The Ehsaas Program, conceived by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, stands as a beacon of hope and support for the underprivileged segments of society. With its mission to alleviate poverty and provide financial assistance to those in need, the program has become a significant step towards creating a more equitable and just society.

Program Objectives:
The core objective of the Ehsaas Program is to uplift the socio-economic conditions of impoverished individuals and families. Through targeted financial aid, the program aims to:

1. Alleviate Poverty: Ehsaas Program aspires to alleviate poverty by providing financial assistance to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged sections of society.

2. Empower Women: The program recognizes the crucial role of women in the development of a nation and seeks to empower them through various initiatives, ensuring their active participation in economic activities.

3. Enhance Education: Ehsaas aims to improve access to education for children from low-income families, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty through knowledge and skills.

4. Improve Healthcare: The program places emphasis on enhancing healthcare services, ensuring that every citizen has access to quality medical facilities.

5. Create Jobs: By promoting skill development and entrepreneurship, Ehsaas strives to create opportunities for sustainable income generation.

Registration Process:
If you are a deserving individual seeking to benefit from the Ehsaas Program, the registration process is designed to be straightforward and accessible.

1. Eligibility Verification: Before registering, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the program. These criteria are designed to target those who are genuinely in need of financial assistance.

2. Registration Centers: Ehsaas registration centers are set up in various locations to facilitate the registration process. These centers are equipped with the necessary resources to guide you through the registration steps.

3. Documentation: Prepare the required documents, which may include your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or B-form, proof of income, and other relevant documents.

4. Registration Form: Fill out the Ehsaas Program registration form with accurate and up-to-date information. Be sure to provide all the necessary details to ensure a smooth application process.

5. Biometric Verification: To prevent fraud and maintain transparency, the program often incorporates biometric verification during the registration process.

6. Application Review: Once your application is submitted, it will undergo a thorough review process to determine your eligibility for the program.

7. Notification: If your application is approved, you will be notified about your inclusion in the Ehsaas Program and the benefits you are entitled to receive.

The Ehsaas Program is a testament to the commitment of the government to address the pressing issue of poverty and uplift the marginalized segments of society. By registering for the program, you can take a significant step towards improving your own life and contributing to the overall betterment of the nation. Remember, your registration and participation in Ehsaas not only bring financial assistance but also hope, dignity, and the promise of a brighter future.

Title: Ehsaas Program Registration: A Lifeline for Financial Support


In an effort to alleviate poverty and provide essential financial support to the underprivileged, the Ehsaas program offers a promising solution. By completing the registration process, individuals gain access to a monthly cash stipend, which serves as a means to cover household expenses and improve their quality of life. For those who are economically disadvantaged and wish to avail themselves of this program, the following steps elucidate the registration process in detail.

Step 1: Gathering Essential Information

To initiate the registration process for the Ehsaas program, prospective beneficiaries need to collect a few crucial pieces of information. These include their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, phone number, identity card details, and their residential address. These details are the foundation upon which the application process is built, ensuring accurate identification and seamless communication.

Step 2: Completing the Application

Once armed with the necessary information, applicants can proceed to the application phase. This involves submitting the collected data to the Ehsaas program’s designated platform. This could be an online portal or a physical registration center, depending on the prevailing mechanisms. By accurately inputting the CNIC number, phone number, identity card number, and residential address, candidates lay the groundwork for successful registration.

Step 3: Verification and Registration

Upon submission of the application, the provided information undergoes a verification process. This step is essential to ensure the authenticity and eligibility of the applicant. Once verified, individuals are formally registered into the Ehsaas program. This registration serves as a gateway to receiving the much-needed financial support that can ease the burden of daily expenses for the beneficiaries and their households.

Step 4: Commencement of Monthly Payments

The culmination of the registration process marks the beginning of a beneficial journey. As soon as an applicant’s registration is approved, they become eligible to receive the monthly cash stipend from the Ehsaas program. This financial aid serves as a lifeline, enabling beneficiaries to meet their household expenses with more stability and dignity.


The Ehsaas program stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with financial hardships. By following the simple yet crucial steps of providing accurate information and completing the registration process, eligible individuals can unlock a consistent source of financial support. This support, delivered monthly, not only addresses immediate needs but also contributes to uplifting the quality of life for the underprivileged. In a world where economic disparities persist, the Ehsaas program paves the way for a brighter future, one registration at a time.

Ehsaas Program Registration 8171 NADRA 2023