Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
Ehsaas Program Registration Centers New Update January 2024


Ehsaas Program, a cornerstone initiative by the Government of Pakistan, ensures financial assistance to those in need. This guide provides insights into the registration process, the significance of Ehsaas Centers, and the convenient alternative of remittance through HBL Connect.

Ehsaas Program Registration:

Upon completing the Ehsaas Program 8171 registration, individuals gain access to various support mechanisms. It is imperative to find the nearest Ehsaas Center to facilitate the withdrawal of funds. These centers, strategically located across the country, aim to eliminate any hurdles in the disbursement process.

HBL Connect Remittance:

In addition to Ehsaas Centers, the Government of Pakistan has introduced an efficient remittance channel through HBL Connect. This alternative offers recipients a swift and accessible means to receive financial aid, ensuring a seamless experience for beneficiaries.

Locating Ehsaas Centers:

Ehsaas Program Registration Centers are established by the government in each province. These centers serve as hubs where individuals can address any issues related to their registration or aid amount. Specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the populace, these centers play a pivotal role in resolving concerns promptly.

Problem Resolution at Registration Centers:

The Ehsaas Program Registration Centers serve as focal points for resolving issues faced by registrants. Women encountering problems with their fingerprints, for instance, can find comprehensive solutions at these local centers. The commitment to addressing individual concerns underscores the program’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility.

Ehsaas Program Registration Center

1 Abbottabad Bto Abbottabad
House 57, Street # 17, Pma Kakul Road Shahzaman Colony
2 Abbottabad Bto Havelian
Near Girls Degree College, Char Sajikot Road Havelian
3 Astore Bto Astore
Bisp Tehsil Office Eidgha Near Met Dept Office Astore
4 Astore Bto Shonthar
Bisp Office Gorikot Near Government High School Ho Office Astore
5 Attock Bto Hasan Abdal
House No. Bv-117/11-3-A, Mohallah Mall Piraan, Hasanabdal
6 Attock Bto Attock
House No. C-12, Block-A, Peoples Colony, Attock
7 Attock Bto Fateh Jang
Main Rawalpindi Road, Near Al Habib Bank, Fateh Jang
8 Attock Erc Hazro Khadwani Near Uc Office Hazro
9 Attock Bto Pindigheb
House No. B-Xi-292 C/1, Zafar Chowk, Pindi Gheb, District Attock
10 Attock Bto Jand
Mohalla Aminabad, Ward No. 1, Kohat Raod, Jand, District Attock
11 Attock Bto Hazro
Bisp Tehsil Office, Hattian Road, Bhadur Khan Stop, Hazro
12 Attock Erc Pindi Gheb Under Go
13 Awaran Bto Jhal Jhao Old Nadra Office
14 Awaran Bto Mashkai Old Nadra Office
15 Awaran Bto Ghishkore Union Council Office
16 Awaran Bto Awaran
Near Nadra Office Opposite District Police Office Awaran
17 Badin Bto Talhar
Near National Bank Main Tando Bago Road Talhar
18 Badin Bto Badin
Agrovil Colony, Near Dc Office, Badin
19 Badin Bto Matli Under Go
20 Badin Bto Tando Bago
Talqa Civil Hospital Premisis Near Degree College Tando Bago
21 Bagh Bto Harighel
Bisp Office Near Sub-Divisional Magistrate Office Harighel
22 Bagh Bto Bagh
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Dewan Aziz Hotel Bagh
23 Bagh Bto Dhirkot
Bisp Tehsil Office By-Pass Road Dhirkot
24 Bahawalnagar Bto Bahawalnagar
House No. 273/A Hussainabad Chowk Near Foji Store Bahawalnagar
25 Bahawalnagar Bto Fortabass
House No. 181, Near Special Education School, Fortabbass
26 Bahawalnagar Erc Chishtian
Govt. Post Graduate College, College Road, Chishtian
27 Bahawalnagar Bto Chishtian Tehsil Off
Bisp Tehsil Office, Park Colony, Street No. 7, Chishtian
28 Bahawalnagar Bto Haroonabad
House No. 149, Sreett No. 1, Gulshan-E-Hashmat, Haroonabad
29 Bahawalnagar Bto Minchinabad
House No.2, Ward No.3, Near Pso Petrol Pump, Minchinabad
30 Bahawalpur Bto Hasilpur
House No. 30, Gulburg Town, Bahawalpur Road, Hasilpur
31 Bahawalpur Bto Ahmadpur East
House No. 13-Y, Satellite Town, Ahmadpur East
32 Bahawalpur Bto Khairpur Tamewali
Near Khan Gah Sahrif Gulshan-E-Khuda & Tma Office Tehsil Khairpur Tamewali
33 Bahawalpur Bto Bahawalpur City
7/B, Umar Shaheed Road, Model Twon A, Bahawalpur
34 Bahawalpur Bto Bahawalpur Divsion
7/B, Umar Shaheed Road, Model Twon A, Bahawalpur
35 Bahawalpur Bto Bahawalpur Saddar
7/B, Umar Shaheed Road, Model Twon A, Bahawalpur
36 Bahawalpur Bto Yazman
House No. 83/D Low Income Housing Scheme, Yazman Mandi
37 Bahawalpur Bto Ahmedpur East 2 To Be Operational
38 Bajaur Bto Khar
Bisp Tehsil Office Civil Colony, Tehsil Khar, Bajaur.
39 Bajaur Bto Nawagai
Bisp Tehsil Office Civil Colony, Tehsil Nawagai, Bajaur
40 Bannu Bto Domel
Bisp Tehsil Office House No.282/A, Phase 1, Banni Township
41 Bannu Bto Bannu
Bisp Tehsil Office House No.282/A, Phase 1, Banni Township
42 Barkhan Bto Rakhni Under Go
43 Barkhan Bto Barkhan
Ehsaas Registration Center, Bisp Tehsil Office, Nahar Kot Road
44 Batagram Bto Battagram
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Police Station, Main Bazar Battagram
45 Batagram Bto Allai
Karg Allai Near Tabligi Markaz Tehsil Allai
46 Bhakkar Bto Mankera
Mohalla Sheikho Wala, Tehsile Mankera
47 Bhakkar Bto Kalur Kot
Plot No. 32-E/8 National Bank Road, Housing Colony, Kalur Kot
48 Bhakkar Bto Darya Khan
Main Klorkot Road Near Ali Filling Station, Darya Khan Bakhar
49 Bhakkar Bto Bhakkar
Mills Colony Tanki Wali Gali New Pyala Chowk Mandi Town, Bhakkar
50 Bhimber Bto Bhimber
Near Army Brigade Office Opposite Awaisia Marbal Mirpur Road
51 Bhimber Bto Samahni
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Balouch More Chitti Mitti Tehsil Samahni
52 Bhimber Bto Barnala
Bisp Office Opposite Boys Degree College Chamb Road
53 Buner Bto Daggar
Opposite Deputy Comissioner Office, Hashm Sar, Daggar Buner
54 Buner Bto Mandanr
Nawagai Road Near Allah O Akbar Masjid Ambela Tehsil Mandanr Dis
55 Buner Bto Gagra
Sunigram Road, Near Khudija Girls Public School & Collage Sawari
56 Chagai Bto Nokkundi
Near District Commonciare Office
57 Chagai Bto Dalbandin Masjid Road Near Nchd Office
58 Chagai Bto Chaghi Rhc Chaghi Village
59 Chakwal Bto Choa Saidan Shah
Line Park Mohalla, Opposite D-Arqam School, Chakwal
60 Chakwal Bto Lawa Mauve Area
61 Chakwal Bto Kallar Kahar To Be Operational
62 Chakwal Bto Chakwal
House No. Mcb-3/440, Mohalla Saddique Abad, Line Park, Chakwal
63 Chakwal Bto Talagang
House No. 150-B, Peoples Colony, Talagang,
64 Charsadda Bto Charsadda
Qazi Khel Jadeed Rajjar Bypas Road Near Sui Gas Office Charsadda
65 Charsadda Bto Tangi
Chandni Chock Near Tehsil Kacheri Tangi, District Charsadda
66 Charsadda Bto Shabqadar
Near Post Office Main Matta Road, Shabqadar Charsadda
67 Chiniot Bto Lalian
Main Faisalabad Sargodha Road, Quality No. 01 Petroleum, Lalian
68 Chiniot Bto Bhawana
Mohallah Saeed Abad, Aminpur Road, Tehsil Bhowana
69 Chiniot Bto Chiniot
House No. 1/4, Z- Block, Asghar Chowk, Sattellite Town Chiniot
70 Chitral Bto Chitral
Bisp Tehsil Office Zargaran Village Chitral
71 Chitral Bto Mastuj
Bisp Tehsil Office Croy Junali Booni District Chitral
72 D. I. Khan Bto Dikhan 1
Bisp Tehsil Office Kobab Colony West Circuler Road Di Khan
73 D. I. Khan Bto Darban 2
Bisp Tehsil Office Mohala Kirri Bakhteyar Draban Kalan
74 D. I. Khan Bto Paharpur
Bisp Tehsil Office Nusrat Town Tanchy Road Paharpur
75 D. I. Khan Bto Kulachi
Bisp Tehsil Office Moh Khader Khel, Near Chogala Kulachi
76 D. I. Khan Bto Paroa
Near Agriculture Office, Sikhani Road, Basti Khawjan Wali, Paroa
77 Dadu Bto Johi
H No 676 Rodnani Mohalla Ward 05 Near Al Habib Bank Chhin Road
78 Dadu Bto Mehar
Gul Mohammad Colony Behind Sui Gas Office Vip Road Mehar
79 Dadu Bto Khairpur Nathan Shah
Karimdad Lund Muhallah Jarwar Road Deh Fatehpur K N Shah
80 Dadu Bto Dadu
Opposite Excise Office Daro Road Dadu
81 Dera Bugti Bto Sui
Ehsaas Registration Center, Tehsil Bazar Back Side Nadra Office
82 Dera Ghazi Khan Bto Dera Ghazi Khan
Abu Bakkar Town Multan Raod Dera Ghazi Khan
83 Dera Ghazi Khan Bto Trible Area Dg Khan
Abu Bakkar Town Multan Raod Dera Ghazi Khan
84 Dera Ghazi Khan Bto Taunsa
Mohallah Ghalo Wala, Near Sabzi Mandi, Opp. Masjid Allah Wasaya,
85 Dera Ghazi Khan Erc Fr Dg Khan
Abu Bakkar Town Multan Raod Dera Ghazi Khan
86 Dera Ghazi Khan Bto Divisional Office Dg
439-A, Near Imam Bargarh, Shah Sikandar Road Dera Ghazi Khan
87 Diamir Bto Darel Tanghir
Bisp Tehsil Office Main Bazar Juglot Tanghir Diamer
88 Diamir Bto Chilas
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Taj Hotel Main Karakoram Highway Chilas
89 Faisalabad Bto Jaranwala
Bisp Tehsil Office, New Garden Colony Canal Road Jaranwala
90 Faisalabad Bto Faisalabad Saddar
St#03, Mujahid Town, Kehkishan Colony, Last Bus Stop Jaranwala Road, Dhudi Wala, Faisalabad
91 Faisalabad Bto Tandlian Wala
Nazir Town Near The Spirit School Tandlianwala, Faisalabad
92 Faisalabad Bto Sammundri
House No. 347, Housing Colony No. 02, Gojra Morr, Sammundri
93 Faisalabad Bto Faisalabad Saddar 1
695-B, Batala Colony, Near Rabia Trust Hospital, Satyana Road
94 Faisalabad Bto Faisalabad City
695-B, Batala Colony, Near Rabia Trust Hospital, Satyana Road
95 Faisalabad Bto Chak Jhumra
Madina Town Near Sui Gas Office Khurianwala Road, Chak Jhumra
96 Faisalabad Bto Faisalabad City 1
695-B, Batala Colony, Near Rabia Trust Hospital, Satyana Road
97 Ghanche Bto Daghoni
Chogo Grong, Near Girls Higher Secondary School Daghoni, Ghanche
98 Ghanche Bto Khaplu
Bisp Tehsil Office Staq Pi Sar Near Main Bazar Khaplu
99 Ghanche Bto Mashabrum
Bisp Tehsil Office Main Bazar Thagas Distrct Ghanche
100 Ghizer Bto Puniyal
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Govt Degree Girls College Gakuch
101 Ghizer Bto Gupis
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Corporation Market Gupis
102 Ghizer Bto Yasin
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Degree College Tous
103 Ghizer Bto Ishkoman
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Central Jammat Khana Chatorkhand
104 Ghotki Bto Daharki Govt Primary School Daharki
105 Ghotki Bto Khangarh
Mathelo Chok Near Sui Gass Office Ghotki
106 Ghotki Bto Ubauro
H.No190 Near Mehran High School Deh Sonan Town/ Muslim Colony Near Mehran School Ubauro
107 Ghotki Bto Ghotki 1
Mathelo Chowk Near Honda Show Room, Ghotki
108 Ghotki Bto Ghotki 2
Excise Office Near Court Mirpur Mathelo
109 Gilgit Bto Gilgit
Bisp Office Opposite Gb Assembly Noor Colony Jutial Gilgit
110 Gilgit Bto Divisional Gb
Bisp Office Opposite Gb Assembly Noor Colony Jutial Gilgit
111 Gilgit Bto Danyore
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Sehat Foundation Kkh Sharoot Danyor
112 Gilgit Bto Jaglote
Near Pakistan Agricultural Research Council-Parc Colony Jaglote
113 Gilgit Bto Regional Gb
Bisp Office Opposite Gb Assembly Noor Colony Jutial Gilgit
114 Gujranwala Bto Gujranwala City
Street No. 1, Civil Lines, Mian Zia Ul Haq Road, Gujranwala
115 Gujranwala Bto Gujranwala Div Off
Street No. 1, Civil Lines, Mian Zia Ul Haq Road, Gujranwala
116 Gujranwala Bto Nowshehra Virkan
Mohallah Moti Masjid Near Special Education Centre, Matto Bhaike Road Tehsil Nowshera Virkan District Gujranwala
117 Gujranwala Bto Gujranwala Saddar
Street No. 1, Civil Lines, Mian Zia Ul Haq Road, Gujranwala
118 Gujranwala Bto Kamoki
Opposite Kothi Rana Nazir Wali, Near Civil Veterinary Hospital, Bajwa Street, G.T Road, Tehsil Kamoki, Gujranwala.
119 Gujranwala Bto Wazirabad
Shera Kot Raod, Near Umar Marriage Hall, Gt Road Wazirabad
120 Gujrat Bto Gujrat
Ch. Manzoor Road, Shadman Colony, Near Sui Gas Office, Gujrat
121 Gujrat Bto Sarai Alamgir
Officer Housing Scheme, Roger Camp, Wapda Colony, Sarai Alamgir
122 Gujrat Erc Gujrat Under Go
123 Gujrat Erc Jalalpur Jattan Under Go
124 Gujrat Bto Kharian
Bisp Tehsil Office, Jinnah Colony, Main Gt Road, Kharian
125 Gwadar Bto Gwadar
House Number 164, Ttc Colony, Gawadar
126 Gwadar Bto Ormara Nadra Office Ormara
127 Gwadar Bto Jiwani Nadra Office Jiwani
128 Gwadar Bto Pasni
Fisheries Quarter District Gwadar Main City
129 Hafizabad Bto Pindi Bhattian Undergo
130 Hafizabad Bto Hafizabad
Faisal Colony, Near Yousaf Haddi Jour, Hafizabad
131 Hangu Bto Hangu
Bisp Tehsil Office Near Old Police Line Railway Road Hangu
132 Hangu Bto Thall
Near Police Station Main Bazar Thall Tehsil Thall District Hangu
133 Haripur Bto Ghazi
Abid Khan House Near Dola Khan Masjid,Post Office Road, Ghazi
134 Haripur Bto Haripur
Bisp Tehsil Office Jail Chowk Khanpur Road Haripur
135 Harnai Bto Harnai
Quetta Road Near Ghora Hospital, Harnai
136 Harnai Bto Shahrig Under Go
137 Haveli(Kahuta) Bto Haveli Kahuta Under Go
138 Haveli(Kahuta) Bto Khurshidabad
Bisp Tehsil Office Main Bazar Khurshidabad
139 Hunza Bto Gojal Hunza
Main Karaokaram Highway Near Nadra Office Gulmit Gojal
140 Hunza Bto Ali Abad Main Kkh Near Pso Pump



In conclusion, the Ehsaas Program stands as a beacon of support for those in need, with its registration centers and HBL Connect remittance option ensuring a seamless and efficient process. The government’s commitment to resolving issues faced by beneficiaries further emphasizes the program’s dedication to fostering financial inclusivity across Pakistan.