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eHunar Online Registration Procedure – Free Online Courses

eHunar Online Registration Procedure – Free Online Courses

The eHunar initiative has introduced a new Free Online Course, offering an opportunity for individuals to become a part of the program. The government’s primary objective is to foster employment opportunities and boost the growth of the IT sector. This program entails daily engagement, which contributes to the advancement of the IT industry.

Named the eHunar program, this endeavor aims to bolster the freelancing and e-commerce domains, allowing numerous individuals to engage in online work. The initiative has set a target of assisting up to five million individuals. This opportunity is open to all citizens of Pakistan, encompassing a wide demographic. The government’s overarching goal is to alleviate unemployment concerns by extending support to those in need of employment opportunities.

eHunar Online Registration Procedure – Free Online Courses


eHunarKamyab Jawan Program

Ehunar, a successful and innovative initiative, is addressing the pressing issue of unemployment among the youth in Pakistan. With the country grappling with a critical economic situation and escalating inflation rates, securing employment has become a formidable challenge for many. Recognizing this dire need, Ehunar has taken proactive steps to create a solution.

Ehunar’s approach centers around providing employment opportunities through online courses. This approach is not only aligned with the changing landscape of work but also caters to the needs of the younger generation. By offering these courses, Ehunar aims to empower the youth who were previously struggling to find suitable job opportunities.

The positive impact of Ehunar’s efforts has been noteworthy. In response to the challenging circumstances, the government has also taken notice and has initiated online employment opportunities. These avenues have proven to be lucrative, with individuals now earning substantial incomes, even reaching millions of rupees on a monthly basis.

A significant aspect of Ehunar’s initiative is the comprehensive range of programs offered. With a focus on skill development, there are 24 online courses available at no cost. This commitment to accessibility ensures that young people across Pakistan have the opportunity to learn and grow in fields that offer substantial earning potential.

Ultimately, Ehunar’s initiative reflects a holistic approach to tackling unemployment and economic instability in Pakistan. By providing accessible and relevant online courses, they are not only enabling personal growth but also paving the way for substantial financial success for the nation’s youth.

eHunar Online Registration Procedure – Free Online Courses


eHunar Hunarmand Jawan Program

The government is directing increased attention towards online employment opportunities due to the prevailing job challenges faced by many educated individuals in Pakistan. Despite their qualifications, a significant portion of the population struggles to secure employment and often resort to job hunting without success. In response, the government has placed a high emphasis on online education initiatives. As part of this effort, 24 new courses have been introduced.

Pakistan has introduced the “Ehunar” program, aiming to empower people to achieve financial success. This initiative holds the potential for individuals to generate substantial income. The country’s technological advancements are reshaping the landscape of education, introducing innovative approaches. The Government of Pakistan is actively engaged in establishing an IT center as a key mission. This endeavor will facilitate employment opportunities, allowing the youth and students of Pakistan to harness the benefits of online work and education.

eHunar Online Registration Procedure – Free Online Courses

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll in the Ehunar program, certain conditions must be met, and specific documents need to be submitted. Following these steps is essential for participation:

1. Your most recent educational attainment should be the final one for eligibility in the program.
2. To become a part of this program, you will need to successfully complete a mandatory test.
3. The program’s inclusion necessitates your successful performance in the administered test.
4. Once you satisfy these criteria, you will be accepted into the program.

eHunar Online Registration Procedure – Free Online Courses


Contact Number:  04237495999


Address: Lahore 

Courses List

Certainly! Here’s a rephrased version of the list you provided:

1. Website Creation and Development
2. Visual Design Services
3. Virtual Administrative Support
4. Dropshipping Solutions
5. Online Selling Platforms
6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
7. Services on Fiverr Platform
8. Independent Contract Work
9. Video Editing Expertise
10. Internet-Based Information Gathering
11. Professional Video Animation
12. Voiceover Talent Services
13. Skillful Copywriting
14. Client Assistance and Support
15. Audio Editing Proficiency
16. Digital Sales Ventures
17. Strategic Digital Marketing
18. Innovative Web Design
19. Personalized Virtual Editing Strategies
20. Comprehensive Web Investigation
21. Online Financial Record Keeping

Ehunar Updates 

Engage in youthful online experiences and upon deciding to enroll, become an active participant in the initiative. Participation, however, becomes a requirement only when passing criteria are met, with approximately 50% compliance needed.

A nominal membership fee is necessary to access the program’s application. To gain eligibility for application submission, a fee of Rs 2,000 is required. If you’re keen on program involvement and wish to apply, don’t delay and promptly submit the fee along with your application.

eHunar Online Registration Procedure – Free Online Courses