Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Exciting News: Government Of Pakistan Again Issued 8171 Benazir Card

In response to the persistent challenges faced by beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), the government of Pakistan has taken the commendable initiative to reintroduce the 8171 Benazir Card. This card, a pivotal component of the program, aims to streamline the disbursement of financial assistance to deserving women, addressing delays and ensuring timely access to much-needed support.

Reasons for Restarting 8171 BISP Card 2024:

Verification Failure:
One of the primary motivations behind the reintroduction of the BISP card is the recurring issue of thumbprint verification failure during the installment disbursement process for women from low-income families. This setback has particularly affected elderly women, hindering their access to the Benazir Kafalat program installments. The introduction of the Benazir Card seeks to rectify this challenge and facilitate smoother transactions for beneficiaries.

HBL E-Connect Shop Fraud:
Another significant catalyst for reintroducing the BISP ATM card is the alarming instances of fraudulent activities reported at HBL E-Connect shops. Complaints have surfaced regarding representatives deducting installments, leading to complications and grievances among beneficiaries. To address this pressing concern and ensure the integrity of the program, BISP is implementing the ATM card system, thereby safeguarding beneficiaries’ entitlements and fostering trust in the system.

Exciting News Gov Of Pakistan Again Issued 8171 Benazir Card

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How to Obtain 8171 Benazir Card:

Beneficiaries affiliated with the BISP program seeking to acquire the Benazir card can follow a straightforward process:

1. Visit the Nearest BISP Tehsil Office: Begin by visiting the closest BISP Tehsil Office.
2. Provide Necessary Documents: Present your National Identity Card along with the slip issued through the NSER Survey.
3. Complete Application Form:Obtain an application form for the ATM card from the BISP tehsil office and fill it out with the requisite information.
4. Submit Application:Return the completed form to the BISP tehsil office for processing.

Upon completion of these steps, users will receive SMS notifications from 8171 when their Benazir cards are ready for distribution. Subsequently, they can collect their cards from their nearest BISP tehsil office, streamlining the process of accessing financial assistance.

How to Use BISP ATM Card:

Utilizing the Benazir Income Support Program ATM card for withdrawing installments is a simple process:

1. Visit the Nearest HBL ATM: Locate the nearest HBL ATM for withdrawal transactions.
2. Insert Benazir Card: Insert your Benazir card into the ATM and wait for processing to complete.
3. Enter Details: When prompted on the screen, enter your National Identity Card number and four-digit PIN.
4. View Installment Amount: Review the installment amount displayed on the screen.
5. Withdraw Funds: Select the withdrawal option to access your funds as needed.

It is imperative to prioritize the security of your PIN and refrain from sharing it with anyone to safeguard your installment entitlements effectively.

By reintroducing the 8171 Benazir Card and implementing stringent measures to address existing challenges, the government underscores its commitment to enhancing the welfare of women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and promoting financial inclusivity across Pakistan.

Exciting News Gov Of Pakistan Again Issued 8171 Benazir Card