Thu. Feb 29th, 2024
Good News Benazir Rashaan Start 8171 Check PMT Score

BISP New Today 2023:

Today we welcome you to this 8171 portal, we are going to update you with the latest update regarding the Benazir Income Support Program.

The government has announced a relief for the people. There was a lot of waiting because no other program was launched regarding the ration, finally Shahbaz Sharif has fulfilled his promise to the people, the government of Pakistan has started the relief package, where did you get this subsidy from?

Which people will be eligible in this and also those who want to check their score can also check on their side. You should know what is the value of the score.

Eligibility is checked, in this way if your score is high then you will be disqualified and if it is low then you will be qualified.

To be a part of the sponsorship program your score should not be less than 32.5. 37 scores are also used in the program, so scores are the biggest value.

If you know the score, you can also qualify and disqualify yourself. But don’t worry

Good News Benazir Rashaan Start 8171 Check PMT Score

Benazir Rashaan Start:

Today we are giving you an update that only those with a score of 32 are eligible. Remember that those who have a score of 40 should go to the utility store.

Otherwise, those whose monthly income is less than 50000 are eligible. You have to pay attention to this, only then you will be able to be successful, otherwise, a huge ration program is being launched regarding the Benazir Income Support Program.

This ration program was described all over the country, but due to some flaws, this program was launched only in Punjab and it was based on Punjab.

Good News Benazir Rashaan Start 8171 Check PMT Score

8171 Check PMT Score:

For this program people apply on 8171 and after that they are declared eligible for ration program and rest of the program.

It has also been told which items can be found in how much. Another subsidy will be given by the government of Pakistan on the occasion of Shahbaz Sharif on the occasion of independence, so it is going to be started in the whole of Pakistan from August 11.

It will be 648 of 10 kg. 20 kg per family will be able to take sugar Rs 100 per kg 5 kg per family will be given pulses and rice Rs 25 kg per family 5 kg will be given this ration will not be expensive You can also view this post on your phone Benazir Income Support Program families whose The score is 32, they are eligible.

It is not necessary to show your original ID card at the counter to get the subsidy. For the convenience of the people, regular counters have also been established at Telty Stores regarding Benazir Income Support Program.

Good News Benazir Rashaan Start 8171 Check PMT Score