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How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest


Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship by IT Ministry 2023

The Ehsaas Program Scholarship by the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication in Pakistan marks a significant endeavor aimed at empowering 15,000 enthusiastic Pakistanis with the essential skills and expertise needed to excel in cutting-edge and specialized technologies. Collaborating with certification experts in the field, the government is spearheading the IT industry capacity building in Specialization Technologies and Platforms Programme.

This initiative seeks to offer higher education opportunities in contemporary fields such as blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, among others. Beyond merely addressing the gap in digital skills, this ambitious project envisions Pakistan’s emergence as a global hub for innovation and technological advancement.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest



Empowering Youth and Females Through Specialized Training

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide the younger generation and women of the nation with essential skills, thus addressing their urgent requirement for growth in the swiftly evolving technological sphere. As per insights gathered from Ehsaas Nadra Government PK, the educational syllabus will encompass a wide array of subjects including Digital Tones, Cloud Computing, E-Health, DPO, Agriculture, and other burgeoning disciplines.

Through this comprehensive approach, the program strives to cultivate a cohort of individuals well-versed in technology, capable of significantly contributing to the progression of the economy and the march of technology.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest


Master Trainers and Industry Collaboration

The Ministry has established a robust framework aimed at ensuring the success of this program. Collaborating with both the industry and educational institutions, the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is undertaking vital initiatives to pinpoint essential and high-priority technologies for training purposes.

Among these initiatives is the formation of a group of 300 master trainers. These trainers possess specialized expertise in fields like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. This panel of Master Trainers will continue to have a significant role in shaping HR development programs, crafting curricula, and conducting training sessions. This approach guarantees the delivery of relevant and practical instruction.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest


How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship 2023?

A distinguished steering committee, composed of representatives from the Pakistan Software Houses Association and other relevant stakeholders, is poised to oversee the seamless execution of the initiative. This influential committee will take charge of overseeing the meticulous selection process of training partners and accomplished trainers. Their responsibilities also encompass the strategic determination of the training courses’ content and their optimal durations. Demonstrating a resolute dedication, the ministry is resolutely committed to harmonizing the program’s outcomes with official certification prerequisites and the overarching demands of the economy. This commitment is evidenced by their proactive engagement with pivotal contributors across diverse sectors.

The objective is to cultivate a cohort of 2300 adept master trainers well-versed in specialized technologies, including but not limited to blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. These master trainers will assume a pivotal role in fortifying the industry. Their contributions will span from the conceptualization of robust HR development initiatives to the formulation of comprehensive curricula, and finally to the provision of high-quality training that resonates with industry needs.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest


 Purpose of Steering Committee 

A committee will be established, comprising members from the Ministry of IT and Telecom, Pakistan Software Export Board, Pakistan Software Houses Association, and other pertinent stakeholders. This committee will be responsible for forming a high-level steering body. Its tasks will encompass choosing training partners, instructors, courses, and determining the committee’s duration.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The strategy of the program will hinge on comprehensive research and analysis. We will initiate an industry-wide survey to evaluate the current demand for proficient experts across different sectors and technologies. This collected data will form the core for crafting requests for proposals.

The approach involves identifying companies equipped with robust learning management systems capable of delivering impactful training. Moreover, the system will incorporate online engagement possibilities. As a result, individuals who undergo training will be able to seamlessly link up with opportunities for application.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest


Investment and Future Prospects

The Ministry of IT and Telecommunication has been allocated a budget of 2 lakh rupees. Notably, out of the total estimated cost of Rs. 1,000 million for the initial program phase, 2,000 million serves as a clear indication of the government’s dedication to nurturing a skilled workforce capable of navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital era.

Following the successful completion of their training, 2500 trainees will have the opportunity to engage in three-month internships within IT companies. During this period, they will also receive a monthly stipend of 25000 rupees. This hands-on experience will significantly augment their skill set and equip them for practical applications in the real world.

How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest



A Bold Stride Towards Technical Excellence The launch of the Specialization Technologies and Platforms Program for the IT industry marks a significant move by Pakistan towards enhancing its technical prowess.

Through the empowerment of 15,000 individuals with skills in this emerging field, the government aims not only to bridge the current skill gap but also to establish the bedrock for a promising technology-driven future.How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest