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Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration New Update 2023

Kamyab Jawan Program New Udate 2023

Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration On October 17, 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan initiated the Kamyab Pakistan Program with a core objective of aiding the underprivileged and the aspirational youth in Pakistan. The program aims to contribute to the progress of Pakistan, aligning with the growth patterns observed in both established and emerging nations.

Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration New Update 2023

Successful youth program, 50 thousand employment opportunities created Usman Dar

1 billion loans have been given to 2190 eligible people, another 5 billion will be distributed. Loans will be distributed to 10,000 youth registered under the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme Islamabad (Sabah News) Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Mohammad Usman Dar has said that under these successful programs, about five billion rupees will be distributed and it is expected that 50 thousand employment opportunities will be created by the end of this year. Highlighting the steps taken by the Tehreek-e-Insaf government to empower the youth in the last two years, he said that these loans will be distributed to 10,000 youths registered for small and medium businesses under the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme. . According to the official media, Usman Dar said that since the launch of the scheme, 2190 eligible people have already been given loans of one billion rupees and the relevant banks have approved 13 billion rupees for 7592 types of business.


Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration New Update 2023

The success of a country’s young generation largely hinges on their upbringing and development. This perspective prompted Prime Minister Imran Khan to initiate several programs aimed at fostering the success of Pakistan’s youth. Among these initiatives, the “Successful Pakistan” program stands out as particularly effective, yielding numerous benefits for a wide range of individuals. Diverse forms of assistance were provided to people, contributing to their progress through various means.

Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Registration New Update 2023

Kamyab Pakistan Program 2023

Prime Minister Imran Khan has implemented several initiatives aimed at supporting the less fortunate and the youth through the successful Pakistan program. Among these measures, a notable highlight is Imran Khan’s introduction of interest-free loans to empower the younger generation.

This groundbreaking move marks a departure from previous administrations, demonstrating Khan’s commitment to uplifting the youth. Swiftly upon assuming office, Khan launched this initiative, which has garnered substantial participation from individuals seeking to establish or expand their businesses. As a result of this program, a multitude of young people across Pakistan have found opportunities to flourish and contribute to their nation’s progress.

Kamyab Jawan Program Online Registration

We’re discussing a program that is currently operating with great success. Prime Minister Imran Khan has personally urged the 2021 online application team members of the program to ensure that the registration process remains effortless and straightforward. The objective behind this request is to enable smooth registration for anyone interested in joining.
We plan to make the registration procedure accessible to a wide audience, as a significant number of individuals are unfamiliar with the process of enrolling in the Kamyab Jawan program.

Kamyab Pakistan Program 5771

  • First of all, open your mobile then
  • Open your message option and type your CNIC and send 5771
  • After sending this you will receive a confirmation message
  • If you are eligible then they will send you to confirm message
  • Some documents required for an interest-free loan

Kamyab Pakistan Program Loan Apply Online Portal

Registration for the program online is very easy and simple. This method is advanced and very simple.

  • First of all visit govt official website
  • And then go to the registration button
  • Click on it and submit Cnic and phone number
  • After submitting Cnic and phone number you will receive a Confirmation message.

Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Status 2023

If you already registered in the program then you can check the status through a web portal. There is nothing complicated about it.

  • Go to the web portal and click on the check status button
  • Submit CNIC and phone number
  • You will see if you are eligible or not

Conclusion: After perusing this article, you’ll be well-versed in the intricacies of this program. You’ll gain comprehensive insights into its details, including application procedures and status verification. It’s important to note that this article serves purely educational intentions, providing information on the program’s initiation date, necessary documentation, and other pertinent aspects.


What is Prime Minister’s Kamyab Pakistan program?

To address youth unemployment, the Pakistani government initiated the “Prime Minister Kamyab Pakistan Program” in 2023, which was subsequently rebranded as the “Prime Minister Youth Loan” initiative. This program aims to create job opportunities for young individuals.

Who can apply for the program?

The minimum age requirement for individuals engaging in IT and e-commerce-related ventures is 18 years. This program also welcomes participation from small and medium entrepreneurs, as defined by the State Bank, as well as young individuals falling within specific upper age brackets.

How to apply for this loan scheme?

Fill out the form on the following link/ and address and Submit it.

Who are ineligible for the scheme?

The applicant must adhere to the age policy set by SBP and should not surpass the specified age limit. They must also not hold Pakistani citizenship, be employed within the government sector, or have any familial ties with a bank employee or work within the same banking institution.