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LATEST NEWS: Check Your NSER Registration by CNIC

In Pakistan, a transformative program known as Ehsaas incorporates the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER), a dynamic database designed to identify and aid individuals requiring assistance across the nation. This article aims to elucidate the process of verifying NSER registration using the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), underscoring the pivotal role it plays in enabling citizens to access various government welfare programs.

Evolution of NSER Over Time:
Commencing in 2011, NSER initially collected pertinent information, recognizing the need for periodic updates to ensure accuracy and inclusivity. By 2015, the transition from pen-and-paper to computerized data collection streamlined processes, enhancing both speed and precision. The 2019–21 survey witnessed extensive outreach efforts and specialized training for data collection teams, fortifying the registry’s efficacy.

Significance for Welfare Programs:
NSER holds immense importance in helping the government identify those most in need. Gathering comprehensive data on aspects such as family composition, employment, disabilities, education, and residence aids in the targeted distribution of assistance through initiatives like interest-free loans, scholarships, and health insurance.

Verification Process:
Individuals can ascertain their NSER status by sending their CNIC to 8171 or visiting the official website. Unfinished surveys prompt a visit to, selecting the relevant district to locate nearby NSER registration centers. There, providing income and family details, along with presenting identification, completes the survey and results in an NSER survey number.

NSER App for Expedited Registration:
For increased efficiency, an NSER app facilitates swift survey registration. Users can download the app to expedite their participation in the survey.

Registration Form and Process:
Survey completion involves visiting the nearest registration desk or Nadra office, where individuals fill out a form and retain their form number. Regularly checking official websites for updates is advised, ensuring adherence to the latest procedures.

Eligibility Criteria:
Pakistani citizens with a valid Nadra card, irrespective of financial status, can participate in the initial survey. Subsequent eligibility for specialized programs is determined based on survey results.

Checking NSER Status:
Verification of NSER registration status can be done by sending the 13-digit ID card to 8171 via an online portal or by visiting the NSER website ( to locate the nearest registration center.

NSER Nadra Government Online Application:
Streamlining the process, the official NSER website (NSER Nadra gov. pk) offers a dedicated “Ehsaas Kafalat” link for program applications.

The National Socio-Economic Registry emerges as a pivotal support mechanism for individuals in Pakistan, fostering inclusivity and fairness. By following these steps, citizens can not only confirm their NSER status but also gain access to a range of government programs. Sharing this information within communities can contribute to making Pakistan a more equitable and improved society for all.

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