Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Latest news: Ehsaas Disabled Program Online Registration Information


In a commendable initiative, the Government of Pakistan has launched the Ehsaas Disabled Person Program, a dedicated effort aimed at providing both social and financial protection to individuals with disabilities. This program, initiated in 2020, has evolved over the years, and the latest update in 2024 introduces a more refined and efficient online registration process.

Ehsaas Disabled Person Program Online Registration New Update:

Since its inception, the program has successfully distributed over 70 million rupees among numerous deserving families, highlighting its impact on the lives of those in need. The latest update in the online registration process reflects the government’s commitment to continually enhance the program’s efficiency.

Process of Registration for Special Persons 2024:

The year 2020 witnessed the launch of Ehsaas Kafalat, an extension of the program specifically designed to improve the quality of life for disabled individuals by providing a monthly stipend to their families. Registration with Ehsaas/BISP is a prerequisite for special persons to avail themselves of these monthly benefits. It involves ensuring that the ID card of the disabled individual clearly indicates their disability status.

This initiative not only offers financial assistance but also strives to promote social acceptance of disabled persons, ensuring they have equal opportunities for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Ehsaas Program for Disabled Persons 2024:

The 2024 update introduces a new and refined sense sponsorship policy for online registration. This policy aims to identify families with at least one disabled person at home, ensuring that eligible families receive the necessary financial support through the Ehsaas Kafalat Program.

Ehsaas Disabled Program: Online Registration Information

Ehsaas Rashan Program Online Registration 2024

Process of Registration for Special Persons 2024:

The eligibility process for the Ehsaas Kafalat program involves a series of crucial steps:

1. Nadra Registration: Special individuals must register with Nadra, ensuring accurate recording of their disability status.

2. Ehsaas NSER Survey: A dedicated Ehsaas NSER survey team conducts a comprehensive survey, visiting the families of disabled persons to gather additional information.

3. Biometric Verification: Utilizing the Nadra database, biometric verification of special persons is carried out to ensure precise identification.

4. Disability Certificate: Upon successful Nadra registration, special persons receive a Disability Certificate.

5. Ehsaas Administration: The collected information reaches the Ehsaas Administration, where eligibility criteria are determined.

6. Payment System: Payments are made exclusively to special persons registered in the database, and biometric verification plays a crucial role in this process.

7. Payment Rules: Disbursements follow the rules of the sense sponsorship payment system.

Crutches Under Ehsaas Disabled Person Program:

In addition to financial assistance, the Ehsaas Disabled Person Program also addresses the needs of individuals requiring equipment for daily activities, such as crutches. Those in need can apply for crutches through the program’s website, providing essential information for consideration.

Ehsaas Disabled Program: Online Registration Information


The Ehsaas Disabled Person Program stands as a remarkable initiative by the Government of Pakistan, dedicated to providing comprehensive support to deserving individuals within society. Beyond offering financial aid, the program strives to foster social acceptance and equal opportunities for disabled individuals. The latest update in the online registration process ensures a more efficient and targeted approach, reflecting the government’s ongoing commitment to the well-being of its citizens.