Wed. May 22nd, 2024

LATEST UPDATE: Ehsaas new registration 25000 Rupees

In a significant move to support vulnerable communities, the Ehsaas program administration is extending financial assistance to 25 million families. A recent update from the government has not only increased the financial aid amount to 25,000 rupees but also streamlined the process for beneficiaries to access these funds conveniently through their bank accounts.

Enhanced Financial Assistance:

Initially set at 14,000 rupees, the recent government update now promises eligible families 25,000 rupees after a 12-month period. This boost aims to provide more substantial relief to those in need.

Accessible Registration for All:

For those without a bank account, especially those facing financial vulnerability, the option to register at program centers remains open. The registration process involves providing your CNIC number for verification.

Today’s Update: Ehsaas New Registration 8171 25000 2023-24

1. Visit the Official 8171 Web Portal:

Beneficiaries can choose between two methods for Ehsaas program registration using the 8171 code: visiting the BISP program office or utilizing the official 8171 web portal at

2. Enter Required Documents:

Applicants must input necessary documents, including a valid CNIC and mobile phone number.

3. Submit Application Form:

Upon completion, submit the application form. Shortly after, a confirmation message will be sent, validating the registration process.

BISP Office Registration:

The registration process at the BISP office follows a similar pattern. Providing your details initiates the process, with program authorities guiding you through the steps.

Ehsaas Program 8171 Mobile App:

For added convenience, the government has introduced the Ehsaas Program 8171 mobile app, available on the Google Play Store. This user-friendly tool keeps applicants informed about program developments and provides easy access to relevant information.

Balance Check for 8171 BISP:

1. Visit BISP Official Website:

Check your fund status by visiting the official BISP website. Enter your registered CNIC number to retrieve program balance details.

2. Mobile Application:

A dedicated mobile application for balance checks is available. Download the app, enter your registered CNIC number, and receive program balance details promptly.

Emergency Cash Program:

In response to unforeseen circumstances, the government has introduced an emergency cash program, allowing individuals to receive funds promptly when needed.


The government of Pakistan’s commitment to aiding the vulnerable through the Ehsaas program is evident in its continuous evolution and outreach efforts. With multiple registration methods, including SMS and web portal services, the program aims to be inclusive and accessible to all eligible applicants.


Q: How to apply for the Ehsaas program?

A: Simply send your CNIC number to the 8171 code via SMS. Eligible individuals will receive prompt notifications, completing the registration process.

Q: After how much time will I receive a confirmation message?

A: Upon sending your CNIC to the 8171 code, expect to receive a confirmation message without delay.

Q: Which bank is providing the EHSAS program cash?

A: Bank Alfalah is the designated bank providing Ehsaas program cash. Furthermore, it facilitates fund transfers to other accounts as part of the program’s initiatives.

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