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New Update Ehsaas Housing Program Eligibility and Documentation Requirements

In 2019, the Government of Pakistan introduced the Ehsaas Housing Program, a laudable initiative aimed at providing accessible housing options for low-income households and individuals. This article explores the eligibility criteria and documentation requirements essential for prospective candidates to avail themselves of this groundbreaking program.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Citizenship:
To be eligible for the Ehsaas Housing Program, applicants must be Pakistani citizens possessing a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

2. Income:
Eligibility is determined based on income brackets outlined by the program, tailored to different regions and subject to periodic revisions.

3. First-time Homeowner:
Applicants should not own any other residential property in their or their spouse’s name to be considered for the program.

4. Disability:
Individuals applying under the specially-abled quota must provide a valid disability certificate issued by a recognized authority.

5. Women-headed Households:
Priority is given to households led by women in specific quotas, reflecting the program’s commitment to gender equality and empowerment.

Required Documentation

1. CNIC:
Requisite documents include copies of CNICs for all applicants and their spouses, if applicable.

2. Income Proof:
Recent pay slips, income tax returns, or other documents substantiating the income status of applicants are mandatory.

3. Land Ownership Documents:
If opting for the self-construction option, candidates must provide proof of land ownership.

4. Disability Certificate:
Applicants qualifying under the specially-abled quota should submit a valid disability certificate.

5. Bank Statement:
A current bank statement reflecting the transaction history of the applicant is necessary.

6. Marriage Certificate:
If applicable, a copy of the marriage certificate must be provided.

7. Ehsaas Registration Confirmation:
Confirmation of registration with the Ehsaas application is imperative to proceed with the application.

Prospective candidates are urged to regularly consult the Ehsaas program’s official website or liaise with designated representatives to stay updated on the latest eligibility criteria and document requirements, as these may be subject to revisions.

The program offers a range of housing options, including subsidized loans, pre-built houses, and self-construction assistance. Specific documentation requirements may vary depending on the chosen option.

Meeting the stipulated eligibility criteria does not automatically guarantee participation in the program. Selection is contingent upon a transparent process involving verification and prioritization based on pre-defined criteria.

New Update Ehsaas Housing Program Eligibility and Documentation Requirements

Ehsaas Program Online CNIC Check


The Ehsaas Housing Program serves as a beacon of hope for low-income individuals and families, providing them the opportunity to secure affordable housing solutions. By adhering to the prescribed eligibility criteria and furnishing the requisite documentation, aspirants can take a significant step closer to realizing their dream of homeownership.


1. How do I apply for the Ehsaas Housing Program?
– The application process typically involves submitting the required documentation through specific channels, which may include online platforms or designated centers.

2. What housing options does the program offer?
– The program provides a variety of housing options, including subsidized loans, pre-built houses, and assistance for self-construction projects.

3. Is there a deadline for applying to the program?
– While specific deadlines may vary, it’s advisable to stay informed through reliable channels regarding application timelines and updates.

4. Can I apply if I already own a house?
– No, the program is designed for individuals and families who do not currently own residential property.

5. How long does the application process take?
– The duration of the application process can vary based on factors such as the volume of applications received and the verification process. Applicants are encouraged to follow up regularly for updates on their application status.

New Update Ehsaas Housing Program Eligibility and Documentation Requirements