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New Update: Ehsaas Program Online Registration


The Ehsaas Program, pioneered by former Prime Minister Imran Khan, stands as a beacon of hope for marginalized individuals in Pakistani society. This comprehensive social welfare initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens and provide assistance to those most in need. Through various schemes like Ehsaas Kafalat and Ehsaas Emergency Cash, the program extends a helping hand to widows, low-income families, students, and elderly urban residents, ensuring that basic needs are met and dignity is preserved.

Registration Process

1. Dial Your National ID Card Number: The journey towards accessing Ehsaas Program benefits begins with a simple step—dialing your National ID card number on your mobile phone.

2. Message Your ID Card to 8171: After entering your ID card number, sending a message to 8171 initiates the registration process.

3. Receive Verification Message: Upon successful registration, a verification message confirms your enrollment in the program.

4. Visit Nearest Ehsaas Center: For those preferring personalized assistance, visiting the nearest Ehsaas center allows for in-person registration and guidance from dedicated staff members.

5. Ensure Eligibility: Before proceeding, it’s essential to verify eligibility criteria to ensure that assistance reaches those who truly need it. The program’s aim is to support the deserving, and participation should align with the established criteria.

Online Eligibility Verification

To streamline the process and ensure accessibility, the Ehsaas Program offers online eligibility verification through the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Two convenient methods are available:

– Send an SMS to 8171: By sending your CNIC number to 8171, you can quickly check your eligibility status.

– Use the 8171 Web Portal: Alternatively, visit the 8171 web portal, where entering your CNIC and phone number allows for eligibility verification and prompt feedback.

Understanding Ehsaas Program

The core objective of the Ehsaas Program is to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable segments of society. Targeting those with a monthly income below 25,000 rupees, as well as widows, elderly urban residents, and deprived students, the program aims to offer financial relief and protection to those facing dire circumstances.

New Update: Ehsaas Program Online Registration

8171 Check Online 25,000 Rupees For Poor Families

Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2024

An integral component of the Ehsaas Program, the Ehsaas Kafalat Program particularly prioritizes women’s welfare. Eligible women receive a monthly cash transfer of 2,000 rupees, providing crucial support for their livelihoods. Whether through online portals or in-person registration centers, women can easily determine their eligibility and access the benefits offered.

Ehsaas Program Registration 8171 Nadra NSER

For individuals aged 18 and above experiencing financial hardship, participation in the Ehsaas Program offers a lifeline. CNIC verification is mandatory, emphasizing the importance of accurate information in the registration process. Biometric verification further ensures the integrity of the program, safeguarding against misuse or fraud.

Ehsaas Program List

Beyond the core Ehsaas Program initiatives, additional programs aim to address specific challenges and uplift vulnerable populations:

– Ehsaas Ration Program: Providing subsidized essential food items to low-income families ensures access to nutritious meals without undue financial strain.

– Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program: Offering financial assistance to those in economic distress, this initiative aims to improve living conditions and alleviate financial burdens.

– Successful Youth Program: Empowering Pakistani youth through skill development and entrepreneurship opportunities fosters economic growth and personal advancement.

– Ehsaas Nashonuma: Prioritizing maternal and child health, this program focuses on ensuring the well-being and proper development of mothers and infants.

– Ehsaas Amdan Program: By creating income-generating opportunities, this initiative promotes economic self-sufficiency and sustainability among low-income households.

– Ehsaas Interest-Free Loans: Providing access to interest-free loans facilitates entrepreneurship and economic empowerment among underserved communities.


The Ehsaas Program stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to social welfare and poverty alleviation in Pakistan. Through its multifaceted approach and emphasis on accessibility, the program aims to uplift the most vulnerable members of society, offering them hope and support in their time of need. As it continues to evolve and expand its reach, the Ehsaas Program remains a vital instrument for fostering inclusive growth and prosperity across the nation.

New Update: Ehsaas Program Online Registration