Wed. Apr 10th, 2024

Shocking News! Bisp 10,500 Rupees Start By Bank ATM


The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has launched a new phase of assistance, providing Rs 10,500 to eligible families across Pakistan, starting from February 12, 2024. This initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens on impoverished households and improve their quality of life.

Introduction of New Banking System

In a significant development, a new banking system is set to be introduced in March, facilitating easier access to BISP payments. This system will ensure that beneficiaries can conveniently receive their assistance without enduring long waiting times or standing in queues. With more than eight banks allocated for this purpose, the implementation of this system is expected to reduce complaints regarding deductions and ensure that recipients receive their full entitlements.

Enhanced Assistance Programs

Alongside the introduction of the new banking system, there are updates regarding other assistance programs under BISP. The Benazir Education Scholarship Program is set to increase its assistance for children’s education, with the first installment scheduled to be provided in the first week of March. Additionally, the Dynamic Registry will declare eligibility for recipients who have registered their branches within the last six months or more. These measures aim to enhance support for vulnerable segments of society and ensure that eligible individuals receive timely assistance.

Shocking News! Bisp 10500 Start By Bank ATM 2024

Ehsaas Tracking 8123 Portal

Overview of Ehsaas Rashaan Program

The Ehsaas Rashaan Program, administered by BISP, is a government initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to low-income families to help them purchase essential food items. To qualify for this program, families must meet specific criteria, including having a monthly income of less than Rs. 40,000 and being registered with BISP. Eligible families receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 2,000, which can be utilized to purchase food items from registered retailers.

Benefits of Ehsaas Rashaan Program

The Ehsaas Rashaan Program offers numerous benefits to low-income families, including:

1. Financial Assistance: The program provides much-needed financial support to vulnerable households, helping them meet their basic needs.

2. Food Security: By assisting families in purchasing food items, the program contributes to improving food security among low-income communities.

3. Poverty Alleviation: By alleviating financial burdens and ensuring access to essential resources, the program plays a crucial role in poverty alleviation efforts.

4. Economic Growth: By strengthening the purchasing power of low-income families, the program contributes to economic growth and stability.


The BISP’s initiatives, including the introduction of a new banking system and enhancements to existing assistance programs, reflect the government’s commitment to supporting vulnerable segments of society. Through programs like the Ehsaas Rashaan Program, efforts are being made to alleviate poverty, improve food security, and enhance the overall well-being of the population. These initiatives are essential steps towards achieving sustainable development and prosperity for all citizens of Pakistan.

Shocking News! Bisp 10500 Start By Bank ATM 2024