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Ehsaas Rashan 8123 Registration Again Start On 21 January

TODAY NEWS: Ehsaas Rashan 8123 Registration Again Start

Ehsaas Rashan 8123 Registration Program

In response to the escalating costs of essential commodities impacting lower-income communities, the Ehsaas Rashan 8123 program emerges as a crucial initiative. As families grapple with challenges in procuring daily necessities, the government, acknowledging the repercussions of rising inflation on the impoverished, has reinstated the Rashan program. Commencing registration on Fabrary 21, the program aims to provide relief to those facing financial hardships, offering a special discount on basic items and a subsidy of up to two thousand rupees per family.

Eligibility Criteria:

The program sets specific criteria for inclusion, targeting only deserving families facing financial hardship, including disabled individuals and widows. Disabled applicants must provide a disability certificate, while those with a monthly income below 30 thousand rupees, unrelated to any government department, are eligible. Applicants must possess no personal property or bank balance in their name, and their poverty score should be below 40%.

Registration Process:

Registering for the Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Program is simplified for accessibility. Applicants can register from the comfort of their homes by sending their name and national identity card to 8123 through SMS. After registration, eligibility can be verified on the official BISP portal. Successful applicants can obtain their Rashan at the nearest utility store.

Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Riayat:

The official registration for the Ehsaas Rashan Riayat Program has commenced, allowing easy enrollment without the need for lengthy forms. The process involves sending the national identity card to 8123 via SMS, and eligible individuals can confirm their status on the BISP portal. To receive free ration, applicants can visit their nearest NADRA office to update their information and re-register.

QR Code Registration for Ehsaas Utility Store:

Collaborating with various utility stores, the government facilitates Rashan distribution through a QR code system. To register, individuals can send their CNIC to 5566, receive an OTP code, and present it at the nearest utility store to collect their Rashan.

Ehsaas Rashan 8123 Registration Again Start On 21 January

Ehsaas Panagah Program In Pakistan


Participating in the Ehsaas Rashan 8123 program is as simple as texting CNIC to 8123 through a registered SIM. This ensures eligibility for a unique Rashan subsidy, tailored to every Pakistani. It is imperative to carry the National Identity Card while collecting Rashan and the SMS confirming eligibility. This program stands as a beacon of support, exemplifying the government’s commitment to uplifting vulnerable communities in the face of economic challenges.